I take your reservation very seriously.

Honestly, I would imagine it to be very hard to find a hotel that takes reservations without at least putting down a credit card, and if you find one, then I am certain it is probably not considered much of a "solid" reservation by the hotel.  You may even end up not having a room on arrival.

Please understand, when I have a reservation I really do prepare the condo for your check-in, and have it available just for your arrival.  I make sure everything is in order; including maid cleaning, 4 towels, 2 sets of bedding, tissue paper, soap, shampoos, drinking water in the fridge, etc.  I am ready to make your arrival comfortable.  I'm sorry, while you may have the best of intentions, simply an email from someone I've never met before cannot assure me that you are showing up. 

Maybe you can find another place in Pattaya/Jomtien who may accept your reservation without needing a deposit.  Do they get stood up sometimes?  Yes.  I have been stood up, and that is why I do not accept "tentative" reservations anymore.  "Tentative" is what I would consider a reservation without putting down a deposit.

I really don't want to be stood up, left with an empty condo, because you decided to change your mind at the last minute and not let me know.  This way if you don't show up, then you're out 5,000B (and I'm missing my renter for that period).  Actually, now requiring reservation deposits, nobody has stood me up yet.  But if you do stand me up, it's not so bad, because then at least I'm not at a total loss.

By putting down a reservation deposit, I honor your reservation for the exact dates that you reserve with me -- your room is completely guaranteed to be ready and waiting for your check-in.  I will know you have every intention of renting.

Honestly I am actually really relaxed and easy going.  Enough of my ranting -- It's really very easy -- I have learned from experience, I need your reservation/security deposit to be able to hold the room for you.   Don't worry, you'll get your deposit back at checkout.  :)   

Thank you   - ViewTalayCondos.com