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Getting to/from Pattaya - updated August 2009

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Condo Location Map:

View Talay 1 condo, View Talay 7 condo, and View Talay 5 condo location, Jomtien apartment map, Pattaya apartment map, Thailand.

Both View Talay 1 and View Talay 5 are at the start of Jomtien beach, close to South Pattaya.  It is directly on the main baht bus route of Pattaya and Jomtien, so transport is easy.  A 10B coin will still take you anywhere in (or to and from) Pattaya/Jomtien on one of the local baht busses.

  • Location of View Talay Jomtien Condominium Project 1 is right next to the intersection of Thappraya rd. and Thepprasit rd.  This complex is not directly on the beach. 

  • Location of View Talay Jomtien Condominium Project 5 is across the street from View Talay Condo 1, ocean front. This condo complex shares it's ocean front location with "Avalon Beach Resort".

  • Location of View Talay Jomtien Condominium Project 7 is at the start of Jomtien Beach, and at the start of Dongtan Beach. This condo is the most ideal location in Jomtien.

Pattaya is located on Thailand's Eastern Seaboard.  Jomtien is located in Pattaya.  Map below showing the general location of Pattaya, Thailand:


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