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Important note: Unlike most condo/apartment rentals, prices on this page already include all water and electricity charges for your stay. That means there are no surprises or extra charges at checkout.  You can rent with no worries! I don't even charge you a laundry fee, or a cleaning fee at check-out -- as long as your condo is left in a similar clean condition as when you checked in. I try to make your vacation/holiday as easy and stress free as possible.  When you compare other Jomtien condo rentals, please keep this important comparison in mind. 



Low Season:  May 2017 to September 2017

High Season:  October 2017 to April 2018

Low Season:  May 2018 to September 2018

View Talay Jomtien Condominium, Project 1, Building B, 6th and 7th floor (studio, 32sqm) 1 month/14,000B 1 month/16,000B 1 month/14,000B

3 weeks/11,000B 3 weeks/13,000B 3 weeks/11,000B
2 weeks/8,000B 2 weeks/10,000B 2 weeks/8,000B
View Talay Jomtien Condominium, Project 5, Building D, 12th fl (studio 55sqm) 1 month/26,000B 1 month/27,000B 1 month/25,000B
3 weeks/21,000B 3 weeks/22,000B 3 weeks/21,000B
2 weeks/15,000B 2 weeks/17,000B 2 weeks/15,000B
View Talay Jomtien Condominium, Project 7, 5th, 6th fl & 10th fl in an ocean front building (studio, 48sqm) 1 month/27,500B 1 month/28,500B 1 month/27,500B

3 weeks/22,500B 3 weeks/23,500B 3 weeks/22,500B
2 weeks/17,500B 2 weeks/18,500B 2 weeks/17,500B


2 weeks  = 14 nights/15 days  |  3 weeks  = 21 nights/22 days |  1 month = 30 nights/31 days (example: 1st Nov to 1st Dec)   Any extra nights will be pro-rated, and charged fairly. Stay 2 months, and the 2nd month gets a 1,000B discount.

Check-in can be guaranteed by 2pm. And check-out must be at 12 noon. However, I am flexible, if availability allows for a complimentary early check-in and/or a late check-out. Please be aware -- If you want late check-out or early check-in to be guaranteed then you must pay for an extra full night.

For timely currency exchange rates, I always use

To make a reservation, please first check my existing reservations page, then email me to confirm availability, and to reserve.  If dates are available, to hold your dates, I require a reservation deposit of 5,000B. At check-in this reservation deposit will become your security deposit. This deposit will be refunded to you on your checkout day as Thai Baht cash. This deposit can also be refunded by Paypal. With this deposit, I can guarantee the condo ready and waiting for your arrival. If you want a private taxi reserved at the rate of 1,200B (including all tolls), I can also include this in your Paypal invoice.

Easy payments via:
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I accept credit card to hold your reservation deposit of 5,000B via, payment to, or company name Again, your [reservation] security deposit will be refunded to you in Thai Baht cash [5,000] on your checkout day.  I will send you an email from Paypal with a link for you to make your payment.

Cancellation policy: If you email me to cancel over 30 days before your check-in date, then 3,000B can be refunded to you by Paypal. If you cancel within 30 days of your check-in date, then please understand, your deposit must be foreited. That said, I am normally very accommodating for date changes, as long as availability allows it. I don't want to keep your deposit, I want you to be my customer.

In addition to your rental fee at check in, you must sign a one page rental agreement (copies provided for both of us to keep).  It looks exactly like this: Rental Agreement for view talay.doc 

On arrival, rental payment can only be given in Thai Baht cash.  I do not accept checks, money orders, foreign currency, or traveler's checks at check-in.  Thank you for your understanding.  Or you can choose to pay for your total rental by credit card in advance, using (credit card) Paypal, instead of cash on arrival if you like.  However -- let me know if you would like to do that, so we can add the amount to your reservation deposit.

Currency exchange booths are easily found at the airport, in Bangkok, or in Pattaya/Jomtien.  ATM machines dispensing Thai Baht are everywhere in Thailand.  Conveniently, there are now currency exchange bank booths directly in front of View Talay 1, View Talay 5, and View Talay 7, open 7 days a week. Personally, I have found that the best exchange rates in Pattaya/Jomtien is at Yenjit or TT Currency Exchange.

Worried about your reservation deposit, because "who knows if I can trust that"?  One way to be rest assured, my web payment company Paypal, where I have a business account (with 25 over years of history -- and without any disputes at all) knows who I am.  Please verify that with PayPal, if you are concerned.

And finally -- if you're still worried about paying your deposit before showing up, read my rant about guests who don't show up. If you haven't paid a deposit, then I do not consider it reserved. Whoever pays the deposit first, gets those dates. That is just the way it is. :)

Thank you

For more information, or to make a reservation, please email: